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The Books Of John on sale now!


We are crewing up and casting! 

Check out the "Casting page! 

ON SALE NOW!  Click here for more information on ------; "The Books Of John" and to see a sneak preview.

You may also look on the left of this page under our logo for more options.

Now that you have done that we would like to tell you a little more about us.

GypsyLar Productions is a gay owned and operated Independent Film Company based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. A pioneer in Saint Petersburg because we will focus on many aspects of the gay experience and not on a single group or aspect. GypsyLar Productions is the brainchild of L.W. Smith and David A. Schweiger. 

You may contact our staff by clicking on this link-------------> “Company Contacts”.

Our newest project is a mainstream movie script that we have written which is being shopped around to larger production houses.
Our mission is to produce quality movies (mostly gay themed) and encourage creativity within the gay community.

We will sometimes work with writers who have written quality scripts that are not "gay themed" however, we do focus most of our attention on the gay community.

Other work that we perform includes the three following categories:

1) we create and produce television commercials for our community and those who support our community.
2) We shoot music videos.
3) We can be hired to shoot weddings and events that are within our community. (This category is on a very limited basis) For pricing please contact us.

If you are a writer with a great gay story or movie script you may wish to contact us with one page that tells what the story is about. We are always looking for the unusual story (Gay occult, Gay Sci-Fi or something out of the ordinary).  Here is a link about Submitting Scripts to us.

We have put together a contact page where you can go to contact all of our crew and employees. If you have a comment or question for any of them they will be happy to help you. You can click this link to get to that page"Contact an employee"

Please feel free to browse around and come back soon to see our updates.

Have fun and look around. We sure are glad you're here!