What to do with your idea!

Your "BIG BREAK" just got closer
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This is your chance to see your movie script become reality.

You are more than welcome to send us your independent scripts.
Keep in mind that it may take us a while to respond.


Our requirement is that you first register your script with the Copyright Office or with WGA.
You should also follow the scriptwriting suggestions listed below.

When you are thinking of writing a script to submit to us you should follow these suggestions.

1. The movie can be about anything but we are looking at the unusual such as Horror, Thrillers, Suspense, Sci-Fi, or Family type scripts. We look first at scripts that are gay, lesbian or transgender themed.

2. When sitting down to write your outline and script, you should always keep budget in mind. We are an independent company and do not have a big budget to make movies.
a) Try to keep locations at a minimum and one geographical area.

b) Try not to place your characters in hospitals, retail stores, restaurants or any building that would require us to get owner permission. More times than not the business will refuse permission for a shoot, it may interfere with their business or many will not work with a gay production.

c) Finally develop your story and characters well.

3. You should email us with an outline before submitting a script. We will respond to the outline to let you know if we wish to further read the script.

4) Do not expect GypsyLar Productions to pay upfront fees for scripts. We do not have the capitol to do this. If you are needing to make immediate money from your script you may wish to submit it to other production companies.